Hondata S300

Installation services are available for the Hondata S300, S300-J, and Hondata boost solenoid parts.

You MUST provide a compatible and working OBD1 ECU for an S300 installation.

Typically, a 92-95 Civic or Integra ECU (USDM or JDM) are prime candidates for an S300 job. The small JDM square type ECU’s require a Hondata S300-J model. Please do your research when purchasing an S300 from a Hondata dealer.

Contact me to confirm your OBD1 ECU is compatible for an S300 and/or you need an outright OBD1 ECU for your S300.

Installation inclusions
  • Inspection and bench testing of your donor ECU
    I may contact you if I find problems with your ECU such as old leaking capacitors that need replacing or no fuel pump activation due to old capacitors or a possibly bad IC17 chip.
  • Removal of any existing aftermarket chip + socket (if needed)
  • Required soldering work for S300 parts
  • ECU case modification for USB port access
  • S300 board installation
  • Hondata Boost Solenoid parts (if applicable)

Note: The S300 V3 (white board) requires owner registration upon first time calibration upload. I do not perform this task for you, but I can for an additional fee of $15.

S300 Installation only (+ boost solenoid parts if provided): $100 
S300 Installation pre-registered with uploaded start-up map: $115
Hondata Boost Solenoid parts installed separately: $20 + ECU return shipping fees.

Fees include return shipping costs anywhere in the Continental US (unless noted).

International shipping fees will be extra.

Please use the contact page for this service.

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