Payment Details

All FF Chips transactions are handled through email/DM’s. Yea, I keeps it old school.

Local sales and shops are totally welcome!

I accept these forms of payment:

  • PayPal
    Paypal fee covered by customer or sent as Friends/Family
  • Zelle
  • Cashiers check
  • Money order
  • Cash (local sales)

Sorry – No Credit Card payment option at this time.

Pricing includes return shipping fees on all services/products within the Continental USA.

ECU reprogramming fees can get better if multiple ECU’s are serviced at once, with a single transaction.

Turn around time is usually within 24-48 hours of receiving your ECU. This excludes weekends and holidays.

Any questions, comments, praise, hate, please reach out via the contact page.

Thank you.

/ Katman

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