FF Chips, a subsidiary of FF Squad, is a service dedicated to 90’s golden era Honda/Acura ECU modification and tuning. It is managed by me, Jason Katman. I’m a southern California based humanoid and have been into Honda’s since the early 90’s.

I’ve been offering 90’s Honda/Acura ECU modification services since around 1998 through several key Honda message forums by word of mouth, some of which are now defunct =(

Honda Hybrid Back Alley / Hybrids.jp / Honda-tech.com

My past ECU services we also offered on the now deceased JDMHONDAPARTS.COM website. In 2003, JDMHONDAPARTS became JHPUSA due to a domain name legality issue with the greedy heads over at Honda of America (they don’t like anyone using Honda in domain names they don’t own). During the domain change transition is when I chose to dedicate a website for my ECU services. Thanks to my past partnership I had with JHP owner Sheng Chao, my ECU and jumper products have boosted popularity throughout the years.

Most of the ECU modification services I offer are plainly listed here on the website. Of course, it’s best if you reach out to me if you need something other than what’s offered on the site.

Have a look around for what I offer and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

/ Katman

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