Honda/Acura Immobilizer Bypass

Immobilizer bypass chip services are available for the following USDM Acura/Honda ECU’s:

  • 00-01 Acura Integra VTEC & Non-VTEC (P72/P73/P75)
  • 97-01 Honda Prelude (P5P/P5M)
  • 98-04 Honda Accord (V6 + 4 Cylinder models)
  • 00-05 Honda S2000 AP1/AP2 (PCX)
    Sorry 06-09 S2000 ECU’s NOT supported
  • First gen Honda Insight

06-09 S2000 AP2 (PZX), K-series era (RSX & 02+ Civic Si), and 01-05 Civic D17A ECU’s are not compatible with my bypass chip. These vehicles use a newer generation ECU and immobilizer system. Companies like Hybrid Racing and K-Tuned offer immobilizer bypass solutions for these generation vehicles.

The immobilizer board (IMMO) is an electronic chip found inside of certain Acura/Honda ECU’s that communicate with the key and ignition system as part of a theft deterrent system. Sometimes the IMMO system can become a hinderance for people performing specific motor swaps, are having key issues with the vehicle, or just outright need an ECU change due to a bad original ECU – thus requiring a costly key reprogramming from the stealership.

The most common vehicles they’re found on are the ’00-01 Acura Integra, ’97-01 Prelude, ’00-09 S2000, first gen Honda Insight, and ’98+ Accords. Most of the IMMO bypass jobs I’ve done performed revolve around these mentioned vehicles. 

IMMO bypass scenarios
  • When having key issues with an ’00-01 Integra, ’97-01 Prelude, 00-09 S2000 and you don’t want to get ripped at the dealership for key reprogramming costs
  • When using any ’00-01 Integra ECU for a DOHC VTEC or Non-VTEC engine swapped ’99-00 Civic
  • When using a ’97-01 Prelude ECU in an H-swapped 96-98 Civic or 96-99 Integra
  • When using a ’97-01 Prelude ECU in an H-swapped ’98-02 Accord 
  • When having ECU issues that call for a new-used ECU to replace an existing ECU – beit a ’97-01 Prelude, ’00-01 Integra, ’00-05 S2000, or first gen Honda Insight for whatever reason

  • Factory IMMO is completely removed and replaced with my aftermarket IMMO bypass chip allowing the vehicle to properly run with no CEL!
  • Compatible with all 00-01 Integra + 97-01 Prelude ECU’s
  • WILL NOT affect emissions in any way, shape, or form!
  • WILL NOT throw any red flags when using an OBD2 scanner tool or during a smog check.
  • Sorry, NOT compatible with K-series era ECU’s (i.e.. 02-06 RSX, 02-05 Civic Si, 01-05 Civic)
  • The IMMO bypass chip works on the following Honda/Acura ECU’s: 00-01 Integra (all), 97-01 Prelude (all), 00-05 S2000 (cable driven throttle body models),  Honda Insight, early V6 Accords (up to 2004), 98-02 Accord, early Acura TL. Possibly other models too – please contact me with a photo of your ECU top cover removed for approval (I need to see the factory IMMO chip to confirm).

Fee: $100 – includes bypass chip installation + return ship fees (within continental US)

Note: I do not sell IMMO Bypass chips uninstalled or individually. You MUST send me your ECU for chip installation.

99-00 Civic Owners: 99-00 Civic owners will need to swap pin A15 over to A16 when using an ’00-01 Integra ECU in their vehicle or your Civic will not start/run due to no fuel pump relay activation. 00-01 Integra ECU’s use wire pin slot A16 for the fuel pump relay while 99-00 Civics’ use A15 pin slot.

Please use the contact page for this service.

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