ECU.FF-Squad.com is managed by Jason Katman.

I’ve been offering ecu reprogramming services since late 1998 by word-of-mouth through these Honda message forums:
Honda Hybrid Back Alley (Honda-perf.org)


My services birthed existence on the now deceased JDMHONDAPARTS.com site. In 2003, JDMHONDAPARTS became JHPUSA due to some domain name legality issues with the greedy heads over at Honda of America. During this transition of domain name switching is when I dedicated a site for my ecu services. Thanks to the partnership I have with Sheng Chao [owner and close friend of JDMHP/JHPUSA], my ecu and jumper products have boosted popularity throughout the years.

I’m not a sensai master of ecu tuning – but my ecu knowledge increases daily. So, please don’t think that I can perform any kind of ecu modifications that are out there. Most of the ecu modifications I offer are plainly listed here on the site. Of course, it’s best if you inquire with me first as to what type of modification you need.  Modifying ecu programming is very tedious and meticulous work. Please, bare with me if I cannot offer specific ecu reprogramming modifications for your needs.

Have a look around for what I offer and don’t hesitate to email me via the contact page if you have any questions!

– Katman