U.S. Emissions Information for Hybriders

Periodically, I get emails and PM’s on Honda-Tech about this topic. I don’t know every smog law for each U.S. state but mostly California since I live here. So, I thought it would be handy to provide you – the public – links for almost every State’s smog laws. Some states have super lenient laws while others (like CA) have really strict-up-the-ass laws.

One of my online friends who lives in NYC mentioned to me NY state smog laws are really lenient. Lotta corrupt places out there will pass you easily if you slip them a few extra bucks! They only perform tail pipe tests and no visual according to him.  Other states, not so lenient. The best way to get information on passing smog in your state is by calling your local smog joint or REF station and outright asking them what is required to pass if you have a hybrid Honda/Acura.

For the worry warts who think engine swapping is illegal, don’t be scared to ask – just give them false information if you’re worried your car will be confiscated in some shape, form, or fashion – lol.

So to start, here is California’s smog emission law information – and by all means, if you have any experience within your state regarding local smog laws and engine swapping please make a comment!

Strictest of them all. This is information I have known for years, but haven’t checked for updates or changes to the BAR laws – heh – so I’m not sure if they updated the laws. I’ll leave that up to you to find out! So here’s a few important key factors when trying to Smog pass your hybrid vehicle in California…

  • Vehicle must be BAR’d before passing emissions testing – click here for CA BAR information
    Getting a vehicle BAR’d is the act of legalzing your hybrid vehicle with a sticker from the state of CA. This sticker shows your vehicle has a swapped engine and shows the engine type, liter size, VIN, and other important updated information on your vehicle so that a Smog REF can see this and pass your car.
  • Engine being swapped into vehicle has to be the same year of vehicle or newer. Vice-versa is not allowed. It’s highly suggested that a U.S. engine be used (at least shortblock) and not a JDM engine (shortblock).
  • If engine is newer, all smog equipment and ECU must accompany the engine as well
    (ie. OBD2 engine into OBD1 vehicle requires all OBD2 smog equipment and US OBD2 ECU to be used)
  • JDM ECU’s, especially OBD2 JDM ECU’s cannot be used as they are not US OBD2 scanner compliant
    (US OBD2 scanner tools cannot read/get data from JDM OBD2 ECU’s)
  • There can be no check engine light (CEL) on when BAR’ing or trying to pass emissions
  • Forget about using any performance engine parts when trying to BAR or pass emissions! Especially with the exhaust manifold, radical camshaft changes, or anything fuel related (regulators, higher CC injectors, etc). All of these things will hurt your chances of passing. Everything should be totally stock!
  • http://dmv.ca.gov/vr/smog.htm

Alabama – No emission laws!

Alaska – http://www.state.ak.us/dmv/reg/imtest.htm

Arizona – http://www.azdeq.gov/environ/air/vei/

Arkansas – http://www.state.ar.us/dfa/motor_vehicle/mv_tagrenew.html

Colorado – http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue-MV/RMV/1186648384593

Connecticut – http://www.ctemissions.com/expectations.html

Delaware – http://www.dmv.de.gov/services/vehicle_services/faqs/ve_faqs_inspection.shtml

Florida –  http://www.flhsmv.gov/html/titlinf.html

Georgia – http://motor.etax.dor.ga.gov/motor/tag_and_title.asp

Hawaii – http://www.co.honolulu.hi.us/csd/vehicle/mvinformation.htm

Idaho – http://itd.idaho.gov/dmv/VehicleServices/vs.htm

Illinois – http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/

Indiana – http://www.in.gov/bmv/

Iowa – http://www.iowadot.gov/mvd/index.htm

Kansas – http://www.ksrevenue.org/vehicle.htm

Kentucky – http://transportation.ky.gov/mvl/

Louisiana – http://omv.dps.state.la.us/

Maine – http://www.maine.gov/sos/bmv/

Maryland – http://www.marylandmva.com/

Massachusetts – http://www.mass.gov/rmv/

Michigan – http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,1607,7-127-1585—,00.html

Minnesota – http://www.dps.state.mn.us/dvs/

Mississippi – http://www.mmvc.state.ms.us/mmvc/MotorVeh.nsf

Missouri – http://dor.mo.gov/mvdl/

Montana – http://www.doj.mt.gov/driving/

Nebraska – http://www.dmv.state.ne.us/

Nevada – http://www.dmvnv.com/

New Hampshire – http://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/dmv/

New Jersey – http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/

New Mexico – http://www.tax.state.nm.us/mvd.htm

NYC – http://www.nydmv.state.ny.us/broch/c-50.htm

North Carolina – http://www.ncdot.org/dmv/

North Dakota – http://www.dot.nd.gov/

Ohio – http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/

Oklahoma – http://www.dps.state.ok.us/

Oregon – http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/

Pennsylvania – http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/

Rhode Island – http://www.dmv.ri.gov/

South Carolina – http://www.scdmvonline.com/DMVNew/default.aspx

Tennessee – http://www.state.tn.us/safety/

Texas – http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/administration/driver_licensing_control/dlindex.htm

Utah – http://dmv.utah.gov/

Vermont – http://dmv.vermont.gov/

Virginia – http://www.dmv.state.va.us/

Washington – http://www.dol.wa.gov/

West Virginia – http://www.wvdot.com/6_MOTORISTS/DMV/6G_DMV.HTM

Wisconsin – http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/

Wyoming – http://dot.state.wy.us/


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  1. Seems that Smog has been thrown out the window down here in South Fl. they stopped doing emmisions testing in the late 90’s. so Feel FREE to do whatever you want

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