Welcome to FF Squad: TechNet (v2)

A website dedicated to the procurement of specific Honda automotive related DIY’s and technical information. Information I’ve personally experienced but have also gathered from others to share with  fellow enthusiasts for the greater good. Most of the information here revolves solely around Golden Era Honda’s – which are 80’s to early 2000’s era Honda/Acura vehicles for the unknowing. 

FFS TechNet was created in 2004. The idea behind it was to have a collective place for specific Honda information regarding answers to repetitive questions enthusiasts would ask on the old message forums I was a part of (Hybrid.jp, Honda-tech, K20A.org) and even on current Facebook Honda groups as well.  With the advancement of website software over the years, I found WordPress to be a neat content management system vs. the old ways of manually creating web pages from scratch….so here we are. 

This site is a work in progress and doesn’t always get updated frequently but the information here is timeless.

The OG FFS TechNet site is still around and can be accessed here for your enjoyment. All information from the old site has been migrated here. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope the information provided here helps you out!

// Katman