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Last Update_June 2008


  • Honda-tech.com
    You HAVE to know of this site, 'cuz if you don't, you live a shelterd iLife. It's a forum filled with a variety of tech gods (nerds), vein fools, jdm bafoons, photograhers, classified ads, and a slew of other useful & useless information. You can find me lurking around under the tech & hybrid sections of Honda-tech.com.

  • Hybrids Garage / Honda-perf.org
    The original Honda hybrid site (before it split in two), administered by Adrian Teo.

  • Hybrids.jp
    When the original Honda Hybrids site split up back in 2000 (I think it was), this Hybrids.jp was formed which was orginally administered by Joe Rogers & Shawn Kasperowicz.

  • D-series.org
    A helpful D-series community forum.

  • Redpepperracing.com
    An excellent forum dedicated to 1st gen CRX's & 3rd gen Civic hatchback's.

  • PGMFI.org (site) / Forum.PGMFi.org (forum)
    Forum & site dedicated to Honda ecu tuning.

  • Hondaswap.com
    Yet another site dedicated to useful Honda engine swap information.

  • Civic 1200 Discussion Forum
    Forum/website dedicated to the 1st gen CVCC civic.

  • Rcrew Racing Forum
    Dan Phan n' friends Forum.

  • K20A.org
    Anything/everyting K-series related forum.


  • BBmoto's Wiki

    HT member 98vtec (Blake) shares some tasty H22 hybrid swap information - a swap I'm not so famlier with.


    Stumbled upon this site recently that has a slew of Honda Helms manuals in PDF format.

    Honda of UK actually hosts online workshop PDF manuals for Euro 84-97 Accord/Civic/CRX/Concerto vehicles - check it out.

  • K H K (currently offline)
    Another excellent source for downloadable Honda & Nissan Helms manuals PDF format.

  • Hondahookup.com/manuals
    Excellent source for downloadable Helms manuals scanned into PDF format.

  • Fourthgenhatch.net
    Site dedicated to 4th gen (EF) civic/crx technical info.

  • Mark's Website
    A bloke from Europe with a variety of tasty Honda info.

  • Wes Vann's Honda Page
    This fella has some really valuable info on his site. From converting an 88-91 civic Si to OBD1 to B-series tranny dissassembly/reassembly.

  • TJ's Hondas
    TJ is a fellow hybrid member with some really helpful tech related info on his site.

  • Sonny's 1st Gen CRX Page
    I don't know Sonny, but he has really excellent DOHC ZC/D16A1 build up information & pictures on his site.