94-97 Accord DX/LX ST Rear Sway Bar Install

I purchased a used 1996 (CD5) Accord LX back in May ’07 as a new daily beater. I’ve always loved this Accord body because of my love for the 96-97 Japanese Touring Car Championship season series or JTCC. I never thought I’d actually own one of these behemoths and now I do!

In the last year I’ve been collecting specs and data on the Accord and Prelude chassis’s, seeing what and what’s not compatible with either chassis since they’re 85% built on the same platform.  So to begin, the 94-97 DX/LX models are sans anti-rear sway bar and rear disc brakes, unlike the EX models.  I didn’t know, but I assumed the EX rear sway bar was easily compatible and able to be swapped over to my LX.  This was wrong as I found out. Upon searching for a rear EX disc brake conversion I found a fellow H-T member parting out a crashed 95 EX CD6.  I wound up buying the full rear disc brake conversion as well as snagging up the EX rear sway bar and all of it mounting hardware.  He let me have at it and perform the uninstallation of the rear discs and swaybar, so I took mental notes on what should go where and all that jazz.

When it came time, I tried to install the EX rear swaybar onto my LX and well, it didn’t come to pass. For some silly reason, Honda didn’t provide the rear swaybar bracket mounting holes on the non-VTEC Accord chassis! (pics soon).  After doing some searching on the web, its confirmed that all 94-97 non-VTEC Accords do not have factory rear swaybar mounting points 😥   

So the next best thing was going aftermarket rear sway bar – Suspension Techniques (or ST) to be exact.  I picked up the ST rear sway bar kit not too long ago and was a bit  flustered on how this thing is mounted. Google to the rescue.  I found this DIY forum post on the ST rear sway bar installation for the CD chassis:


It’s not quite a step-by-step install, but more of an overview of how the bar looks when mounted. The photos helped me figure out how the mounting hardware is assembled as my kit didn’t come with detailed instructions.

I will have detailed photos to share in a bit for others who are in the same boat…

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