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  1. This is wrong. This is the exact diagram that has been around for awhile. Missing a few things. Im not gonna say what because no one helped me and i had to order the sir-g repair manual straight from japan for ALOT of money. The mistake is somewhere in the C plug thats all ill say.

    Happy Swapping.

  2. Well that’s too bad you don’t want to share your information. Hopefully one day, you’ll reconsider. In the meantime, this ecu pin out location data will remain posted.

  3. thanks, Katman i have been google-ing this for 2 weeks for a h22 auto swap i did, i already had all the other pinouts stored in my phone, shoulda come to ff-squad first! J when you are done with that manual i will be more than happy to buy it for what you paid for it so i can post it on here.

  4. ok, the c plug has a problem with the c4 pin,,, it has no label but has a yellow wire that i cant figure out. throws a transmission code and power stays on both shift silinoids.

  5. c4 pin is slu. (shift lock control) . it has 12v after the d4 light goes off. and has no bearing on the transmission shifting. As for that problem, im thinking it has to do with the number of pluses per second from the mainshaft speed sensor. Maybe the sir-g has a diffrent pulse wheel inside of the transmission than the accord sir. ❓

  6. Hey guys im having the same problem here. I put the jdm gsr ecu and motor in my auto ls integra. Everything works but im throwing a o2 and vtec sol. codes. According to this pinout theres a couple differences int the a,b, and d plugs but most of the differences are the c plug itself being the us market doesnt even have it and use a tcm for the transmission. Did anyone ever get there setup to work with the auto ecu. If so what did you have to end up doing.

  7. Brian,
    So you’re using a GSR ecu on an LS non-VTEC engine?? if so, thats one reason you’re getting a VTEC CEL. Do you have your primary 02 sensor even hooked up??

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