.: 02.17.05 :.
Happy belated New Year!
Lifes been busy lately. Hang in there, updates coming real soon - been working on a flippin sweet image gallery. Recently started working at AEM in their EMS dept. Cool job / shitty drive; and I can't stay up late anymore! oh well...enjoy some new music for now!

.: 07.04.04 :.

Happy 4th =)

FFS ECU site finally done; launched about a week ago.
access it here -> http://ecu.ff-squad.com

FFS v2.1
coming real soon. lol.

FFS Garage
updated. Buy Ryan's shift knobs!

The hybrid trackday #5 video is currently off line for now, sorry. RyanR's server got hit with way too many downloads and killed his web server's bandwidth quota. Will find some server space for FFS video clips sometime in the near ffuture...

Don't waste your $$$ on Spidey2!
Go see Farenheight 9/11, Super Size Me, Napoleon Dynamite, and Dodgeball instead.

.: 04.29.04 :.

Site revampage in progress.
About 85% complete this time. relaunching soon. lol
FFS Garage
We recently attended Hybrid Trackday #5. Fun as f*ck. Great time. drove fast. Buttonwillow ownz.

click >HERE< for ffoto gallery
click >HERE< for FFS video clip

Thanks for hosting the clip RyanRaawr!

.: 03.14.04 :.

FFS Garage updated [scroll down to ryan]

.: 02.21.04 :.

FFS Radio - playlist has changed.

.: 02.15.04 :.

FFS Garage updated.

.: 02.11.04 :.

FFS Garage updated.
ecu.ff-squad.com will be live soon -- new home for my ecu jumper & reprogramming services which use to be hosted on jdmhondaparts.com/ecu.

The site isn't done yet [this is my way of keeping you people coming back], so, if you're taken back to the home page, now you know why. Don't worry I plan to have the site finished soon - I SwEaRz!

.: 02.02.04 :.

we got some stuff for sale. FFS Garage now accessible under iLinks -- check it out!

.: 01.11.04 :.

Happy belated new year's n' stuff.
The webserver that FFS was hosted for so long, dropped a deuce during late Nov. and all of Dec.. Thanksh infone. Frank [Lin], I thank you for the last 3 years of webserver space on what use to be tiiite.b16a.com, then tiiite.ghettoracer.com. Where the hell are you?!?. I picked up my own server space last week and here we are, back, still incomplete.

Now that I've been laid-off/been put 'on call' my daily IT job, I can probably finish this damn site!

.: 11.21.03 :.

Still working on finishing the site - lay off!
In the meantime, for all you illegal MP3 downloaders check out sendthemback.org to redeem your heethin selves.

.: 11.05.03 :.

WOW. un-f'ing-believable. An FFS update in nearly 3 friggin' years! Like it so far? Obviously, the site isn't fully operational yet. More will be up in due time [i swearz!]. There's been a handful of changes within the FFS ffaction in the past 3 years: Erik sold 'rusty' earlier this year - now owns a DC integra; Vaheh + Gene clucked their DC integra's in favor for E46 M3's; Dylan still owns 'goldy' & bought Vaheh's DC; Lee also own's a rather slick DC integra & has owned a number of other vehicles throughout the '03; Johnny still owns the incredible green EK; Ryan's Delsol has gone through some minor changes here & there but has recently sold it in favor of better living conditions; Sheng is livin' large managing jdmhondaparts.com as I maintain his site; I still own an EG or 'blacksheep 2' but of course I've grown weary of owning a fixed up civic since my car theft incident back in Sept.00. Other FFS agents have gone into hiatus due to life changes -- sold their cars for better things in life. I'm planning to follow that path soon, myself.

Matrix Revolutions is publically released today and I'm a straight up Matrix N E R D. Yup, I'll be at the theatre @ 6AM today for the ZERO HOUR release. Big nerd. Sleep time. till the next update...

[update] Revolutions --> TBA!

-- katman