AEM EMS Series-1/2 Repair

I’ve been offering AEM EMS Series 1 + 2 repair services since 2015.  AEM has stopped providing warranty services for the Series-1 EMS for a good while now and that was a big bummer for series 1 owners – until now!

All Series 1 + 2 EMS repair jobs will go through a complete visual inspection and full bench test procedure. The list below is what will be tested on the bench. Upon completion, a detailed summary report sheet will be provided and emailed to you.

Repair Fee: $225 flat rate per EMS – whether it passes bench testing or not. Fee includes return shipping costs (within the continental US).

Available repairs/updates/modifications
  • Damaged Injectors Drivers
  • Damaged Coil Drivers
  • Damaged 5V sensor circuit and sensor ground
  • Damaged High sided Drivers
  • Damaged Low sided Drivers
  • Damaged IDLE circuits
  • Damaged Analog circuit
  • Damaged PW circuits
  • Damaged cam circuit
  • Damaged crank circuit
  • Damaged VSS circuit
  • Damaged Relay circuit
  • Voltage regulator circuit
  • Verify stat sync
  • Damaged visible traces
  • Wipe firmware locked boxes
  • Slight water damage (no hard corrosion)
  • Set to factory specs
  • Set to COP specs (by request)
  • Update EMS to latest mods and revisions
  • Backing up and restoring calibrations (must be requested)
unrepairable items
  • Complete adapter board replacement
  • Complete main board replacement
  • Damaged connectors
  • Excessive Water damage (hard corrosion)

  • All repairs will be covered under a 14-day warranty based off the returned postage date. This includes weekends, holidays, etc.
  • Repair window time ranges between 7-10 days, starting the day it is received.
  • Return shipping window time is 3-4 days (usually sent back via USPS Priority)
  • Although we will attempt to make a back up of your calibration during bench testing, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you make a back up of your tune/calibration before sending in your EMS!
  • I cannot guarantee your EMS will be repaired upon failing bench testing and/or has some kind of unique issue outside of what repair services are listed above.  Though, most common EMS issues are repairable through bench testing and/or an EPROM reflash or complete EPROM replacement
  • You will be notified if your EMS does not pass any of the said tests before it’s sent back
  • We cannot upgrade a Series-1 EMS to a Series-2

Please use the contact page for this service or if you have any questions.

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