The Dark FF soldier...
Clean classy style...
EF-9 SiR wing..
Is the type of person that will get bored of his car, fast, if nothing is done to it. Changing the subtle image of his car to EF-9/SiR spec puts a smile on his face.

EF-9 upgrades include: Complete SiR front end conversion w/ rr bumper, wing, gauge cluster, rr seats, & taillights. Vision mirrors, rr disc brakes w/ all 4 x-drilled rotors, Mugen exhaust and pedal set, Momo 'Batman' series wheel, 15" BBR wheels, and some other stuff I can't remember...
Steve's other car, 4-runner spec..
Big Enkie rims..
Automotive home..
Steve sold his EF as of 10.17.00 to a local kid.
So long...




EF-9 rr seats thanks to Ryan..
15" BBR Competition wheels w/ crossed drilled rotors..
Rare EF Mugen exhaust & rr EF-9 bumper..
Crusin' through Dena,  flippin a bird..
What's this? LS/Vtec!
JDM 90-91 rr tails & Mugen mid-wing..
EF Interior..
Popped hood reveals...
Vision mirrors & FF insignia..
SideSquad 1
EF-9 Frontal Fascia..
Keyless entry..
SideSquad 2