Si Gauges...
Yet another magazine cover shot!
Frontal Fascia 3
Frontal Fascia 4
Sidelines 1
RR Tein RA Sus + Tiebar
Mikes main focus is sus and lightening of unsprung weight.
The B16A2 power unit is left stock with only the addition of a cold-air intake system.
More engine mods will happen later...

Si coupe owners..
eat your hearts out =)
Mike has gone back to his VW ways...
Yes, that's right, he has sold his Si coupe in favor for a 00' GOLF GTi VR6...




Authentic Civic-R Headlamps
Frontal Fascia 1
Courtesy light off...
Frontal Fascia 2
Courtesy light on...
Station Identification..
CF hood + Hoodypins 2
Hoodpin Post
B16A2 power unit..
Si Interior..
Mega Mike..
Rear view 1
Rear view 2
Vtec sticky 1
behind the scenes..
Dusky side view...
16" Bronze TE-37
Vtec sticky 2
B16A2 v.cover
CF hood + Hoodypins 1
Tein RA shock piston..
RR Tein RA sus..
FR Tein RA Sus