JDM EK headlamp + bumper w/chin spoiler..
driving to digital photoshoot spot..
FF buddies...
side view 1
breath taking..
EX coupe gauge cluster...
side view 2
why is there 2 of these pics?
Hood popping ritual..
John and his sister...err..lady.
Gator Vision mirrors..
Gator Vision mirrors..
ES' muff...
0BD2-1 converter..
The only NON-Spoon part, Mugen ped set..
green bum..
green bum..
side view 3
16" Spoon wheel 3.88kg's
Supun EK spoiler..
Same engine as the other pic..
Unauthorized Spoon Property
Unauthorized Spoon Property




ITT graduate, brother of Lee, and owner of this IncredibleGreen EK. John use to be into VW's only a couple of years ago. Untill, he finally crossed over Honda's. He completley enhanced his VW to the fullest, and it looks like he's carrying tradition over to his 96' civic..

JDM front + rear bumpers- thanks to Albert's old EK. 16" Spoon SW388's on Ground Contols. Custom 2.5" exhaust mated to JDM 4-1 header. Complete high compression ITR engine hybrid. OBD2-1 wire harness converted w/ Mugen P28 ECU. Genuine Spoon EK CF spoiler and JHP CF hood, SX FPR, and plenty of other tasty goods onboard.. Future plans:..sell the bastard!

FYI: Origin of those rare JDM EK bumpers.
*Ima give it to you now*
We got them from one of my Japanese parts importer back in mid 98. The importer said it was his first shipment of anything 96 and above. So, we swooped in on it. These were the only EK parts he ever received, to my knowledge. Anyways, Albert bought all of the JDM EK body parts. Eventually, Albert sold his EK. He sold all of the JDM EK parts to Johnny. Johnny's had them ever since. I haven't seen anyone else import or even have these Japanese EK bumpers. I think its hard for Japanese importers to get any 96+ EK clips for some reason. Now that I've explained this -PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME asking if i have hookups on any type of JDM EK BUMPER! Cuz I don't!