Candid shot..
Yet another magazine cover shot!
SiR Facials
Frontal  nudity

SiR Facial FeaturesVisions + Side MarkerDOHC Vtec Power unit (what's wrong with this picture?)RHD CRX!15" SSR MKIII's Glasstop
Visions + Side MarkerJDM Hatch (no 3rd brake light)JDM Tail LampsExhaust done by East Side Muffler, Palmdale Ca.Rear disc brakesRight Side Driven CRX.\
RR disc brakes/MK 3's
The very rare 'Glasstop'
Backside Entry
Thee arse
Sabiet 4-point Race Belts
Security system
Ground Controls
Feel's oil cap + Zspeed Strut bar
Hoody up
Climate Control System
JDM EF-8 VIN Plaque
Erik..the owner.
More EF-8 Facials
Vision mirror/Sidemarker
RHD cockpit
JDM Parking Sticker
B??? Power Unit
B??? Power Unit
What's this?