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  1. trick did not work gave my 98 tegy spark thou but would not run a lil back fire blew a battery out trying wat else could i do swaped a 93 block to my 98 need help ps timings perfect n on top dead center

  2. hey i swapped a 96 gsr into my ek hatch and i used this wiring method. I plugged in the Obd2a GSR ecu and no CEL comes on but the car bogs. When im running a chipped obd1 GSR ecu it runs fine, what could the problem be?

  3. I just got a 96-99 JDM ZC Sohc motor. I put it in a 1996 honda civic ex. I did the wire trick and t’s still running like shit. The Vtec oil pressure and soleniod connectors are unplugged and the knock sensor was broken due to the wiring harness. Do I need to jump to OBD1 ecu to fix my issuses? I’m planning on swapping the y8 head back on to the motor once i purchase a honda pulley holder.

  4. i got a fresh b18b1 on my 98 ex coupe i’m and using a 98 dx harness and i got ckf problem if i use the trick u say will i be able to ref my engine with no problem

  5. Kincaid- first off, what ECU are you using? the 96 EX ecu? or a JDM SOHC ZC ecu? Of course if you don’t have the VTEC components wired up or the knock sensor the ECU will be in LIMP mode and run like ass. After you performed the CKF trick, are you still getting the CKF CEL code?

  6. 96GSR- could be a number of things that could be causing your ‘bog’. The best way to pinpoint the problem is by checking the CEL code you may have then go from there.

  7. Yogi- technically yes, you could but its a much cleaner and hidden job when performed at the ECU plugs vs. out in the engine bay, especially if you plan to BAR your car. And yes converting to OBD1 is a big perk in getting around this annoying sensor!

  8. i have a 96 ex civic that i swapped a jdm d15b vtec, i am useing my stock intake and wire harness. but i am throwing a p0335 (crankshaft position sensor) would this trick work for me? if not any ideas thanks !!!!!!

  9. Hey katman, I dropped a d16z6 in my 96 civic dx. I am using the same wire harness obd2a, I did both methods, but both methods seem to be the same. Before I did this trick, I had a ckf code number 9, when I did this trick, I got a ckp code 4. The car is idling at 1500 rpm and also won’t let me rev pass 3500. I am using a p28 ecu with a obd2a to obd1 conversion harness with hondata s300. I also switched out the guts from my distrubutor, switched the d16y7 guts into the d16z6 caseing so the distrubutor would line up. My distrubutor plug is one plug instead of a 2 plug that d16z6 have. Please help katman!!

  10. how will this affect things if in the future i want to run hondata and tune?
    also from what i am understanding, i need to try method 1 first and IF i get CEL 9 then i try method 2?
    thanks for the awesome write up!

  11. Rick- there’s actually only 1 method now since my most recent update. This mod shouldn’t affect anything regarding a Hondata, in fact, an S100-300 won’t even look for the CKF sensor so you don’t even have to perform the CKF mod being that you’ll have to convert to OBD1 anyways.

  12. civic ek – because you converted to OBD1, you didn’t have to perform this trick at all. I would undo the CKF mod and see what happens. If you still have problems I think the source of your problems may lie with your distributor parts swapping. Perhaps you swapped something incorrectly or crossed a wire wrong.

  13. matt96ek- YES you should perform this CKF trick if you are using a US OBD2 EX ecu to power the D15B engine. If you convert to OBD1, you don’t need to perform this mod.

  14. malcolm- Yo. The reason for cutting C4 & C14 is so the piggyback riding these 2 wires are doing don’t mix signals resulting in CEL 9. I’ve recently updated the article on April 28th. If you’re still having CKF bypass problems, look over the article again and see if it resolves your CKF issues.

  15. 610player- if you are still having CKF bypass issues, please re-read the article as I’ve updated it as of April 28th. No idea why your battery blew out. Perhaps you didn’t perform the CKF bypass trick correctly.

  16. Katman

    im guessing it will still be ok even if i have the OBD2a to OBD1 adapter? its pretty much plug and play?

  17. Rick- good question actually. I have not tried running an OBD1 conversion harness while the CKF mod is in place. Try it, see what happens, let me know!

  18. well since the hondata ecu is OBD1 and doesn’t look for the CKF signal, im just gonna go ahead and see if i can just plug the ECU harness straight into the OBD2 to OBD1 adapter and see if it works. if not, then i’ll try the bypass trick.

    thanks and i’ll keep you updated

  19. I have an Acura TL 2.5 with the crank case position sensor code. The car will crank but wont start. What wires can i jumper for this model and do you have a wire diagram and location for me to work off of?

  20. MAN,

  21. I did this on my 98 crv,  I will throw a cylinder 1 misfire code every few weeks. Car runs great no obvious misfire that I've determined spark plugs look clean too. Other than that I have no issues! I seriously appreciate your help! 

  22. You only need to swap the Z2 pump over if you’re going to use an OBD2 USDM ecu. If an OBD1 ecu is being used, no need to transfer the OBD2 oil pump w/sensor.

  23. I’m sorry, I have no experience with the TL engines and their sensors or wiring. The CKF trick I have posted here is strictly for the civic/integra platforms.

  24. AMAZING TIP! Just finished my JDM B20B swap on my 98 GS Integra and did this bypass. No CEL and car runs super smooth! Thank you!

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