OBD-2 / Immobilizer Bypass

The Immobilizer [IMMO for short] is an electronic chip that Honda added to all U.S. 2000-01 Integra & 97-01 Prelude ECU’s,  and other newer OBD2 Honda/Acura vehicles.  The IMM can be problematic when trying to use this type of ecu in another vehicle besides the vehicle the ecu originally came equipped in.

Example scenarios:

  • Using an 00-01 (OBD2b) Integra Type-R P73 ECU in a 99-00 civic with an 00-01 Integra Type-R engine swap; or simply using an OBD2b P73 in any other chassis for that matter.
  • Using a 97-01 Prelude P5M/P5P ECU in a 96-98 civic with 96-01 H22 engine swap; or simply using the P5M/P5P ECU any other chassis for that matter.

I offer two options for IMMO removal:

Option 1 (ghettofab choice):

This is the old way and seriously ghetto!

  • Factory IMMO is completely removed allowing the vehicle to run
  • Vehicle will have a constant check engine light for the IMMO system
  • I only offer this for the 00-01 Acura Integra ecu
  • This will NOT work for any other Honda/Acura ecu’s
    Other ecu’s (non K-series) will required the IMMO bypass chip that is offered below

Option 1 Fee: $55 – includes IMMO removal  and return shipping fees (within continental USA).

Option 2 (best choice!):

This is a really awesome solution especially for P5M /P5p Prelude ECU owners!

  • Factory IMMO is completely removed and replaced with an aftermarket IMMO bypass chip allowing the vehicle to properly run with no CEL!
  • Compatible with all 00-01 Acura Integra &  97-01 Prelude ECU’s!
  • Does NOT affect emissions in any way, shape, or form!
  • Does NOT throw any red flags when an OBD2 scanner tool is connected – such as during a smog check.
  • Sorry NOT compatible with K-series era ECU’s.
  • Update! The IMMO bypass chip also works on the following Honda/Acura ECU’s: S2000 (PCX),  Honda Insight, early V6 Accords (up to 2004), 98-02 Accord, early Acura TL. Possibly other models too, please contact me with a photo of your ecu with top cover removed for approval.

Option 2 Fee: $85 – includes bypass chip installed and return shipping fees (within the continental USA).

Please read the IMM FAQ for common questions regarding IMMO removal and check engine light symptoms after IMMO removal regarding Option 1.

Note: 99-00 Civic owners will need to swap pin A15 over to A16 when using an 00-01 Integra ecu in their vehicle or your civic will not start!